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September Adventures

 9/26/13 23:00 (2+) Cole Johnson, Joe Johnson, Erin Wyldes. We were very sad to learn recently that Maggie the Wonderdog has lymphoma.  We are told that she is not going to be with us much longer – so we wanted to get her a pig to chew-on while she can still get out and hunt!  […]

It’s already August?

AUGUST (PFR 5:5 ; 8 kills) 105 kills so far in 2013.  They have not gotten problematic on the farms, even after rains which is surprising.  They are around but they don’t seem to be rooting.  It is too late in year for them to be on ranch until new acorns fall in Oct.   […]

Justice served in June!

JUNE 2013 – (PFR 7:7; 29 kills – new June record!) Continued to be amazingly good!  Found and killed pigs every time we went out!  They seem to be going-back to the trees to find nuts that have been laying there since fall?  Continue to see them in the fields, and the fence line virtually […]

Messy May- Sod Destruction

MAY 2013 – (PFR 7:7; 14 kills – new May record!) Continued to be surprisingly good, a herd stayed-around the front for weeks, damaging sod we had installed, finally we started to get them later.   5/25/13 (5) LJB.  They shot solo on South road across from the fields, then a pair in front by lake […]

Amazing April Visitors

APRIL 2013 – (PFR 6:6; 21 kills – new April record!) Amazing how good it was, ended-up hunting a lot because we had many visitors. In a few fields, on the ranch, but not much on the farm.  APRI – 21 (New record!) 4/27/13 (0) – Allison’s Lifegroup.  Hunted as  a storm came in but […]

March Hunt Madness

MARCH 2013 – (PFR 3:4; 5 kills) Surprising how good it was, there were always pigs across the fence and in the fields.   3/28/13 23:00 (1) Interns – Alyssa Dixon and Kevin Bickham ran guns, Austin Borders used the Katana sword!!  Very bright moon, was as day in Night Vision.  Solo boar was among the […]

Surprising activity in February!

FEBRUARY 2013 – (SR 2:2; 5 kills)  2/15/13 (3) Paxton’s first kills with his AR.  Mott by WCS low-water crossing.  We came from North from Sec A, they ran toward Summers, I chased them down and they dropped 3 of 7.  All sows, black with high backs.    Earlier we had seen pair in a […]

Exhilarating hunt- January

JANUARY (SR 1:1; 3 kills) *Pictures to come* 1/26/13 (3) Four-Corners.  When it seems hopeless – it’s not hopeless! Steve Byington & friend, Morris Brown, Justus, Paxton and Brandon. After making trip all over, made 2nd pass down middle, crossed low-water crossing and saw large herd grazing in middle of 4-corners.  I found another and got […]