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While Fall ’12 was disappointing, Jan-Mar ’13 was great! Many herds, high success rate, have had many great hunts for visitors. Very unexpected – was beginning to wonder if playing-out in fall but after Q1 it seems that their numbers have swelled dramatically?

March Is Upon Us Boys…

3/13/14 21:30 (1+)  Visitors from Iowa made the 18 hours drive south to enjoy some warm Texas weather and hopefully get their hands a little dirty, hog hunting with the crew. Grateful to have them as they really enjoyed an exciting adventure with us. Our Northern  friends included: A-crew member Erin Wyldes’ parents Bryan and […]

2/7/14 22:30 –  1 hog(1) Paxton Densmore brought some heat with his Rugby team the Katy Barbarians, as they enjoyed a weekend on the ranch for team building and “man fun”. It being February,the night we still plenty cold and our lasers are awful picky about working in the cold. 

Thankfully even with the cold, a solo pig was out at the feeder and the shooters had a chance to gun him down in front of the truck.

Aviary Photo_130392785443231836



(from left to right): Ryan Marshall, Brandon Madaine, Connor McClean, Louis Flores, Paxton Densmore, Neil Maestri, Oliver Nguyen.



March Hunt Madness

MARCH 2013 – (PFR 3:4; 5 kills) Surprising how good it was, there were always pigs across the fence and in the fields.   3/28/13 23:00 (1) Interns – Alyssa Dixon and Kevin Bickham ran guns, Austin Borders used the Katana sword!!  Very bright moon, was as day in Night Vision.  Solo boar was among the […]

Surprising activity in February!

FEBRUARY 2013 – (SR 2:2; 5 kills)  2/15/13 (3) Paxton’s first kills with his AR.  Mott by WCS low-water crossing.  We came from North from Sec A, they ran toward Summers, I chased them down and they dropped 3 of 7.  All sows, black with high backs.    Earlier we had seen pair in a […]

Exhilarating hunt- January

JANUARY (SR 1:1; 3 kills) *Pictures to come* 1/26/13 (3) Four-Corners.  When it seems hopeless – it’s not hopeless! Steve Byington & friend, Morris Brown, Justus, Paxton and Brandon. After making trip all over, made 2nd pass down middle, crossed low-water crossing and saw large herd grazing in middle of 4-corners.  I found another and got […]