Surprising activity in February!

FEBRUARY 2013 – (SR 2:2; 5 kills)

 2/15/13 (3) Paxton’s first kills with his AR.  Mott by WCS low-water crossing.  We came from North from Sec A, they ran toward Summers, I chased them down and they dropped 3 of 7.  All sows, black with high backs. Paxton's fist kill with his AR

  Earlier we had seen pair in a distant field beside Sec B cattle guard; Justus and Paxton walked-out but didn’t connect – I watched through D-740.  I should have sniped from where we were!  But wind was howling so I let them walk.



2/9/13(2+) Mike, Justus, Paxton.  Mike’s first 2 kills with 6.8 and D-740.  

  One of the greatest numbers of encounters we have had – and was in February?  Began by seeing 3 coyotes in pocket but did not shoot, was hoping for closer shot but it never came and Maggie had followed us.  Then Paxton shot at solo by the lake feeder.  He was grazing right in middle of herd of deer. 

   Then we saw massive pig crossing the middle of ranch, really thought it couldn’t be pig, was so tall!   We chased but lost him and broke the IR light.  Went to the South road looking for him and found the mother-lode.  Huge herd (40+) right against dirt mounds on the South road just across WCS.  We stalked, set-up a shot, Mike connected.  Justus realized the frustration of trying to see by lights, and Paxton had misfire!  But they ran left across mounds, they would run right towards the fence and Mike would have many shots.  When Mike saw that wasn’t the case he swung left and hit a runner on mounds.  Then he jammed, stovepipe then it caused a double-feed.