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One, Two, Skip a Few… It’s June!

6-16-14 22:00 (1+) Thankfully the dry spell is over! A few visitors from Iowa were here to just enjoy the night and see if we could find anything after many hunts that came up dry. This hot muggy night turned into a fast paced chase and to our surprise the night hit action quickly.  Bryan […]

December- Drastically Colder and Dangerous

 12/27/13 (2) Alyssa Dixon & Cole Johnson, and Justus on FLIR.  We went down the “roller coaster”, then while everybody was still laughing, Justus called out a big boar running toward fence near duck pond.  We went fast and got behind him after cattle guard.  Very large boar, took many rounds to bring down.  Exciting […]

November – Many, Many Exciting Adventures

  11-29-13 21:30:  Jon Kimmey and Jocie Ortman were our shooters, along with Liz Cortez on FLIR, Dominic Zimmerman on 6.8, and Austin night vision spotting. We enjoyed a great night under the stars as we searched for activity on the farm. The shooters took sometime at the range to become accustomed to the systems, […]

Hats off to our Favorite Hunter

From Mike Brown to those of you who have been hunting or had the privilege of meeting and      loving Maggie:     I wasn’t going to do this because I didn’t want to make everybody sad but, I wanted to share a picture of our beloved family dog and tremendous hunter Maggie. She was […]

October – Pigs on the Prowl

OCTOBER (24 kills; PFR 8:8) October Returns To Normal.  Found pigs every hunt, always on the ranch while none on the farms, just like it has been every year except 2012.  The lack of acorn crop seems to be having a positive effect, at least for now, as pigs are moving all over the ranch […]