Messy May- Sod Destruction

MAY 2013 – (PFR 7:7; 14 kills – new May record!) Continued to be surprisingly good, a herd stayed-around the front for weeks, damaging sod we had installed, finally we started to get them later.


5/25/13 (5) LJB.  They shot solo on South road across from the fields, then a pair in front by lake near road before I arrived at 10:20.  Then we set off in HT and found small herd just past Crackhouse Trail. They got one (that we found) and I finished a small one with HK45c (Gold Dots!)5-25







5/24/13 (2) LJB. Hunted using Jeep and got a couple but they got across fence.


5/23/13 (3) LJB.  He had new S&W AR-10 but when he saw 6.8 w/D-740, he had to use it!  He had found a boar at dusk that didn’t run and he shot that.  Then I came at 10:00, Rhonda on FLIR.

   I saw a boar streaking south at full-speed as soon as I crossed cattleguard.  I got ahead then intercepted, Jim fired a “Double-Tap” using the scope and dropped it on the run in-spite of a wild ride!  He never got to the green laser.  Later he shot a big sow on in the field at approx 100 yds.  He was loving the 6.8 and D-740 combo.


5/21/13 (0-none killed but saw 22) Secret hunt!  Drew on FLIR, Bruce on 6.8, Kinze on AR.  Nothing out on ranch, farm, but found the herd of young pigs which have been molesting grass by Scott’s house on way back out at 11:30.  Made a run at them but they went under the fence so easily that they were gone quickly.  I didn’t even get chance to shoot NH.


5/11/13 (1) Shannon drove for me as looked for pigs that tore up the sod around the Engagement live oak tree (Allison’s sod), I had FLIR and 6.8.  I saw solo across fence by Alyssa’s cattle guard, chased but never closed the distance.  I took a really long shot but no idea of the range.  On way out Taylor took over FLIR and saw herd across fence in very front by Scott’s house.  I jumped-out and dropped big sow at about 75 yds. 


5/10/13 (3)Shannon drove for me, Justus, Paxton, and Brandon.  Missed solo running from pocket to Pecan Ridge due to taking too long to get onto him – he escaped by swimming duck pond.5-10- JPSB 

   Herd across the fence line, we stalked around from  the South road and came up in North-wind and got 2.  Spotted herd in Eagle’s Meadow, Shannon drove past, then to creek, and we came-up from behind and got a chase.  From 30-40 on move I could not hit squat with Socom and Aimpoint!  Realized have to be RIGHT on-top of them.  Green laser is really the only system for on the move shooting because you can see your POA the entire time.  I was wishing had kept 6.8 w/110s and green laser!


5/6/13 (0 kills but chased group into pocket)Brent and Mike from Avila. Mike did want to shoot handgun, so, naturally, we ran into herd on road near entrance to trail!  Dangit!  I need a laser on HK, 


5/5/13 – returned home, took Andrea Brown, Allison Brown, and Shannon Brown to the ranch – pigs had annihilated sod at waterfall vista!  Infuriating!