Exhilarating hunt- January

JANUARY (SR 1:1; 3 kills)

*Pictures to come*

1/26/13 (3) Four-Corners.  When it seems hopeless – it’s not hopeless! Steve Byington & friend, Morris Brown, Justus, Paxton and Brandon. After making trip all over, made 2nd pass down middle, crossed low-water crossing and saw large herd grazing in middle of 4-corners.  I found another and got beside it thinking they were out but Steve dropped it before I could fire.  We stopped, boys chased group across fence into Sec B, we looked at kill. 

  As we loaded up, I looked with PVS-14 and saw one standing in middle of pasture and I floored the truck, catching all off-guard.  I racked Nighthawk (should have done before!) and dropped her with head shot.  Then boys rejoined and we went back to mott to find first one.  It wasn’t there so I walked into mott alone, found it at the edge of opposite side.  I tried to shoot using laser but too far, it ran out into the field.  I ran after it, pausing to look in Night Vision every so often.  It stopped and turned after a couple of hundred yards and I was able to get close and hit it in head. Exhilarating hunt.