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Justice served in June!

JUNE 2013 – (PFR 7:7; 29 kills – new June record!) Continued to be amazingly good!  Found and killed pigs every time we went out!  They seem to be going-back to the trees to find nuts that have been laying there since fall?  Continue to see them in the fields, and the fence line virtually […]

Messy May- Sod Destruction

MAY 2013 – (PFR 7:7; 14 kills – new May record!) Continued to be surprisingly good, a herd stayed-around the front for weeks, damaging sod we had installed, finally we started to get them later.   5/25/13 (5) LJB.  They shot solo on South road across from the fields, then a pair in front by lake […]

Amazing April Visitors

APRIL 2013 – (PFR 6:6; 21 kills – new April record!) Amazing how good it was, ended-up hunting a lot because we had many visitors. In a few fields, on the ranch, but not much on the farm.  APRI – 21 (New record!) 4/27/13 (0) – Allison’s Lifegroup.  Hunted as  a storm came in but […]