March Hunt Madness

MARCH 2013 – (PFR 3:4; 5 kills) Surprising how good it was, there were always pigs across the fence and in the fields. 

 3/28/13 23:00 (1) Interns – Alyssa Dixon and Kevin Bickham ran guns, Austin Borders used the Katana sword!!  Very bright moon, was as day in Night Vision.  Solo boar was among the cows in bluestem meadow, we followed him as he headed South and toward WCS.  He spent time down in the ditch making it tough, but we got him crossing the South road, he got under the fence but Alyssa stayed on him and got him stopped about 75y out. 3-28-13 Alyssa, Austin   

   We ran out and Austin used the Katana to chop his head (mostly) off!  Then I pierced his heart with it.  He was so big that we couldn’t cut through his spine, but sword definitely went 10″ through his neck!  We also saw several across the fence about 150-200 out.  Again.



3/13/13 23:00 (4+)  Ricky, Sarah, Kristen Busha, Darren, Dawson Freisenhan.  We saw pigs across fence from Sec B but no shot.  We saw some at end of the road but Kristen had AR and could not make a scoped shot. 3-13-13 Group

  Going back through ranch there was huge group along Joe’s camp site, as we pursued we found dozens of little pigs.  Ran-over one, possibly two small ones.  A sow was heading to creek and I dropped it with Nighthawk.  


 Justus and Paxton pursued sound of another baby in creek that Maggie was after and they got it with her help (knifed it).   Fantastic hunt!  Lots of excitement.

3-13-13 Pax, Piglet






3/4/13 (0) Acquire the Fire- Ministry Team. Saw a solo near WCS on Summers, could have easily gotten with 6.8 but didn’t have it.  Mackenzie had AR.


3/3/13 (0) Acquire the Fire- Ministry Team  Saw no pigs, record number of Armadillos (7?)