January is upon us… Happy New Year


Aviary Photo_1303566038247337221/30/14 22:00 (2) It was a nice 60 degree night, the day had been cloudy but the temperature was perfect for a hunt. Mike Brown, Paxton Densmore, and Erin Wyldes took off for the night of adventure. With the fact that the sun had not been out much that day the thermal camera was hard to manage but the three pulled it off and came across a herd of 10 in the back of the property. They got out of the truck and stalked the herd. Once close enough they opened fire and brought two down. 



1/18/14  17:30 (3)  Hud Haas, along with the sons.  Joe Johnson, Justus Densmore, Morris Brown.  We had a gorgeous night with massive full moon, great visibility.  Coming down South road, after passing Summer’s feeder looking at many cows, a large group of “cows” made a sudden move – revealing that there was a group of large pigs.  We didn’t get any stealth, they were running from the get-go so we had a rough chase, but Steve & Hud managed to get 3 and all were big and nice-looking sows.  We enjoyed the night with Steve Byington, 



1/10/14   With all of the holiday season upon us, we didn’t have much time to go hunting but we scored a little bit of time with a visitor all the way from Iowa and a birthday girl, plus the crew. Amber Bates joined us, along with Allyse and Kristen, Paxton and Justus Densmore, Erin and Mike. amber

  We enjoyed the weather and the big Texas night sky but had no luck actually bringing down any hogs. We saw two different herds of them, but they got spooked and took off before we got close. We all enjoyed the night, and a few coons, and armadillos didn’t make it out alive.